Our Fit Over 60 classes offer a variety of workout options. We also coordinate coffee Socials.  




Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00 – 9:00am

Start out with a 30 minute warm up on the machines.  Then move on to a strengthening class led by one of our knowlegable instructors. Using a variety of fun exercises we work to strengthen muscles used for day to day activities.  Balance and coordination exercises are also implemented to create an enjoyable class that will challenge you and leave you feeling stronger and ready to tackle the rest of your day!

Gather after class for a Coffee Social in the conference room!




Wednesday - Friday: 10am
Hop into the pool for this 45 minute class. During the first half we will work in the shallow water, going through a series of strength training exercises. The second half finds us in the deep end of the pool in a comfortably paced aerobic routine. Come join the fun and experience what everyone is talking about! Appropriate for Non-Swimmers.





Wednesday - Friday: 9am
Shoulder deep water reduces body weight by 90%, easing the workload on joints and ligaments. Water has 12 times the resistace of air and allows muscles to be exercised in all directions. Using flotation devices, you will do a variety of moves such as jumping jacks, cross country skiing, lunges,  jogging and sprinting for a great overall aerobic workout. A perfect class for all fitness levels!